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Awakening From The Western Dream(MVM-011)


Songs: More Heat Than Light; Everywhere I Turn; You Can’t Accuse Me; I Can Feel Your Heartbeat;Marianna; So They Say; 1NA100; Foxhole Confession; Don’t Let Go Of My Heart; As Long As I’m Still Breathing. 


After the awkward “Mr. Me” campaign to the “Out Of The Shadow” project that Word Records organized to raise his market place presence, Paul’s convictions led him to abandon the commercially and competitively driven CCM industry and head back to his roots. Always a believer that life has to be lived out before change can be displayed with authenticity. Paul’s new musical expressions were now flowing from the well of reconnecting with his love of the guitar.  Recorded in 1988, after five years of recording silence, Paul harnessed his friends, Steve George, Steve Ferris and Pat Mastelloto, from the chart topping band, “Mr.Mister,” to his KC buddies, Don Harris and Rod Lincoln, and called the band, “Point-o-Vu.” The independent label project allowed Paul’s to express fresh poetic composition to his recording history without the confinement of CCM framework. Mixed by Bill Schnee, and mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab. Photography by Paul.