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Call Of The Canyon(MVM-016)
The Only Way To You Is Through; The River Of No Return; Oncoming 
Lane; Fly On Sweet Angel; Hard Rain; Never, Never Ever My Fault; 
I Will Lead The Way; Finish Strong; For Me To Live; Of Crimson 
And Gold; Grey Sky Of Blue; When You Whispered Goodnight.
Recorded at Ground One Studios, in Paul’s house, between 1999-2001, this project was the other bookend to “When The Moon’s Behind The Clouds.” This work of art is poignant with continued attention to vulnerability and authenticity. From the mysterious and passionate “The Only Way To You Is Through” to the haunting, “When You Whispered Goodnight,” Paul’s songs will serpentine through your soul from the celebrations of life to the heartache of divorce and loss of his father. "Fly On Sweet Angel" is a dynamic song crafted for both of Paul's daughter's weddings.
Accompanied by a 28 page booklet, Paul couples his love for black and white, sepia tone photography to enhance the visual power of his lyrics. Paul is, once again, joined by long time friends Phil Keaggy, Don Harris, Kevin Rogers, Steve George, Jay Pfeifer, Rod Lincoln, Tommy Walker, Dan Garcia, Marsh Shamburger, who, along with new 
friends Hal Melia, Kuk Harrel and Carmen Hernandes, to compose a 
print of God’s grace for the heart.