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Paul Clark

While working feverishly on my CD, "The Shorter the Trailer, the Longer the Road," (which many of you are involved with), I had an opportunity to record  a completely different set of songs at OceanWay Studios, in Nashville, Tennessee. Stoking the coals for firepower to the tracks were my old friends Phil Keaggy, Phil Madeira, Dennis Holt, Don Harris, as well as new friends, Matt Pierson and Todd Robbins. After 10 basic tracks were finished, I took the data back to my home studio, (in the Kansas City area), and in between touring dates, I spent the next six months recording vocal and guitar overdubs, as well as adding two new songs. Local friends, Jay Pfeifer, Jimmie Bratcher, Charity Von, Christie Kuzmich, Stan Kessler and a small choir from Church of the Harvest, added coals from their bins of talent. Nashville fiddle player, Jimmie Herman, joined in before mixing began.

When making this album, about an hour before sunset, I tossed my 1946, tobacco sunburst, Gibson J-45 guitar, my Canon 6D camera with a 40mm F/2.0 pancake lens and an empty box from Costco into my 05' Ford explorer and raced against the setting sun to a railway crossing just west of Parkville, Missouri. Placing my camera on the box in the middle of the railroad tracks, I was able to fire off 42 self-timer shots, (as well as get in a 30 minute aerobic workout from running back and forth to the camera), before the curve of the earth silenced the golden hour light.

The next day, my good friend, and photo/video genius, Isaac Alongi, took my photographs from the night before, as well as photos I had taken at the old train depot in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania and home spun imagery for song titles and credits, and assembled the CD artwork in a fashion that I think you'll find pleasing to the eye.







Until we reach the final station,
abide in Jesus, the Vine.